Empty Stocking list

Previously acknowledged $55,607.81



Anonymous $50

Hope Bible Class Pierce UMC $25

Scott Sommers $25

In honor of Mary Sydney and Peyton $100

Nnamdi Aniedobe $100

From Ervin and Carolyn Parker in honor of our daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren $100

In memory of Jos. A. Schneider $175

In memory of Cora and Jack Hoover from Christy Hoover $100

In memory of Mother and Brother, Jerone and Jerry Thompson $50

In memory of L.T. and Marie Graves $50

Teresa and Thomas Thirkell Jr. $100

In memory of Bob and Gerry Monroe $100

In honor of our grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren $25

In memory of Edna Pierce from Charles Pierce Family $50

Ann and Neil Myers $50

In loving memory of my Parents Marvin and Betty Hall $25

Ben and Anna $100

In loving memory of our Son Robbie
Gay $100

Ed and Dee Wilkes Templeton $50

Anonymous $50

Don and Joan Pullum $25

In memory of Mr. Ernest Taylor $25

In memory of Cam Loper from Mr. and Mrs. James Keel $25

Anonymous $100

Bill and Kathy Ekre $50

“Merry Christmas” Employees and Staff of Scale South, Inc. $500

In honor and memory of our Mother Carole C. Bailey by Children Keith, Kim and Ken $300

In loving memory of my Son Tony Schweitzer birthday $100

Employee of Insurance Services of Augusta $200


Total today $2,750

Total this year $58,357.81



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

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