Empty Stocking list

Previously acknowledged $37,267.81


In loving memory of Lester Durham from Margaret Durham $100

Ronnie and Mary Knox $50

Robert and Joellyn Rabias $40

Allen and Diane Strunk $25

Wayne and Ashley Matthews $145

Merry Christmas, Gil and Penny $25

In loving memory of Ron Lindsey $20

Bella Cooke for her friends Abby, Callie, Pandy, Jack, Chase and In memory of Duke Swann $150

Robert and Susan Patrick $20

Paul and Carol Gage $25

In memory of James Ayers, Sr. $50

In loving memory of Clara Rivers and Richie Regan $50

Anonymous $20

In loving memory of my friend Florence Catchings $100

Susan Schafer $100

Linda and Jimmy Spradley $20

In memory of Nelson Mandela, PS11814 $200

In memory of Lady $20

The Alalof Family $250

Paul and Margaret Franks $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. William Roscoe Brigham and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Weather $500

Lester and Patricia Godfrey $100

In memory of Mrs. Sally Wallace from Patti $20

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Readdy, Sr. from Gene $20

In memory of Cocoa, L.B., Molly, Brandy, Wendy, Misty, and Glenda from Gene and Patti $20

Merry Christmas to all and God bless us all on this, Christ’s Birthday all our friends and love one from Gene and Patti $20

In honor and memory of my Mother-Annie Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

In honor and memory of my Father-Artice Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

G. Lionel Zumbro, Jr. MD $200

In memory of our brothers, Harold Smith and Larry Turbeville from Jimmy and Beth Smith $50

Hugh and Diane Beckwith $100

Anonymous $1,000

John and Revonda Hall $250

In memory of my Brother-Wayne Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

J.C. and Ellen Douglas $25

“In loving memory of our son and Erika’s brother, Robert Timothy Toole, Jr. by Tim and Jayne Toole” $100

In memory of Gloria Holley $50

In memory of Charlie Minor and Jay Owens $100

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hooks $50

Beverly Johnson $40

In loving memory of Dora Villemain $50

Ronald and Jessye Corona $100

Robert and Valerie $100

Anonymous $1,000

Frank Martin for Grandchildren $50

Cathy Green $25

Bill and Georgia Kozel $100

Anonymous $25

John and Jeanette Kozel $100

In loving memory of my Daddy, Milton Saggus, and my second Daddy, Leon LeBlanc $60

In loving memory of our precious Granddaughter-McClay Powell- Love Papa and Grany Payne $15

Anonymous $10

Total today $6,090

Total this year $43,357.81


Wed, 08/23/2017 - 01:56

Rants and raves

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 01:45

Aiken man charged with tax evasion