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RAVE FOR THE Lump­kin Road tag office and especially Vickie Marsee, who was so pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient while I renewed my registrations this year. She clearly explained the new laws and saved me a lot of money and a headache. I never thought I would be raving about any office dealing with licenses or taxes. I am now.


CAN I GET A FREE tree? I am a disabled veteran of Vietnam. You all abandoned us during the war, and America abandoned us after the war. You’re giving away these trees to soldiers. How come I can’t get a free tree?


ARE YOU KIDDING me? Raise taxes again? If you would use our tax money wisely instead of wasting it, there would be plenty of money.


THIS IS A RANT for those breaking into homes in the south end of Richmond County. If you are family or friends of these low rents, you might want to share Jesus with them.


IF THE PETER Prin­cipled ruling troika at Glenn Hills High School – led by a Wayne Frazier disciple – cared half as much about their teachers as they do about keeping their jobs next year, then the school would be an incredible place to learn and work. One can only remember what the school used to be like and dream.


PROTESTERS TORE down a statue of Vladimir Lenin (beginning leader of communism) in Kiev, Ukraine. How ironic, a country that was part of the Soviet Union discovers freedom is a lot better than socialism while Obama keeps tells us socialism is better than freedom.


NELSON MANDELA made South Africa communist. He had the Russians help him. This is an absolute disgrace that our flags are half-staff.


I WISH WE COULD fire most of the Augusta Commission members; they actually are the sinking anchors of Augusta and cannot accomplish even minimal tasks.


RANT TO THE Rich­mond County Sheriff’s Office. Running families off Warren Road looking at Christmas lights with blue lights and bull horns is not good community policing; it’s Christmas!


IF YOU’RE NOT GOING to publish any of the Rants & Raves that come in over the phone or over the fax, why do you even bother to print those phone numbers in the paper? You’re being awful judgmental in not considering that some people don’t have a computer.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves