Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THOSE THAT ARE protesting the testing on animals at any research facility need to learn and understand the old adage “If you’re not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” I am sorry they think that testing of medicine and procedures to advance the quality of human life should be performed on humans instead of animals. Testing must be done before applied to humans and until they have a viable alternate solution I for one see them as part of the problem and not the solution.


CONGRATULATIONS TO Butler High, Jenkins White Elementary Charter, and Westmont Elementary who were named Reward Schools for being among the 10 percent of Title I schools in the state making the most progress over three years on state assessments. It is still disturbing to see so many schools labeled Alert Schools, Priority Schools and Focus Schools. It is up to the teachers and parents to raise the standards in these schools. We have a long way to go!


A RANT TO The Augusta Chronicle, placing comedian’s last-word quotes in the obit section is crossing the line, and placing other advertisements such as back ailments is a bit over the top. Let’s keep the obits clean and respectable as they should be.


I LISTENED TO Nancy Pelosi on the morning Fox channel. The best thing she could do is find a hole and stay in it. Recall she walked into the House with the big gavel and also commented: “Just pass Obamacare” and then find out what it entails.


HUGE RANT TO EMS members who were stationed near the finish line at Run or Dye. There is nothing like approaching the finish line after a great run and having to inhale second-hand smoke. Truly disgusting!!


PRESIDENT OBAMA has broken our health insurance delivery system and just like an immature adolescent he has dumped the mess he created on the health insurance companies and state insurance commissioners.


IT IS A SHEER PLEASURE to drive through Fort Gordon. Wherever one looks every area is clean, well kept, no trash. The speed limit is rightfully limited within this installation and people observe the law. NO cellphone drivers! Should it be like that all over the CSRA or the state.


IF YOU DON’T USE your windshield wipers when its not raining why use your fog lights when its not foggy? Rants to those that blind other drivers with their bright fog lights.



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