Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I HAVE HAD THE same problem with the utility bill due date being moved around without knowing about it. I had a couple of late fees, so I called, and that’s when they informed me it was for the benefit of the consumer. I told them I thought it was so they could take advantage and make a few extra dollars.


AS THE PRESIDENT’S popularity plummets, I find it very interesting that Obama selects Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey, two very influential people whom he has little regard for, as recipients of a coveted national honor. Could it be that he’s looking for something in return?


DEATHS AT THE Veterans Affairs medical centers attributed to untimely care? It appears these deaths can be laid at the feet of one individual, the woman who was the director. Why on Earth would the VA place her at another facility?


AUGUSTA HAS MADE the news twice in the past few days! We have a university that tortures animals. We kill our vets by denying them proper health care, and we are a designated “slum area.” It makes a person really want to move to this area. Ah, the smell of progress.


WILL FOX NEWS please change the name to the Fox “We hate Obamacare” Reality Show? Every segment starts with a “breaking news” story opposing the Affordable Care Act. As an example, Typhoon Haiyan left 10,000 people dead and 600,000 homeless, yet the lead story on all shows was a negative health care act story – the typhoon was a distant second.


THERE IS A NEW proposal just out that would allow cellphone use aboard a plane when it is flying above 10,000 feet. We have enough of those big mouths who love to rattle on about nothing right here on the ground, so we don’t want these chatterboxes sitting next to us on a plane. I say no, no, no to this mad proposal.


WE CONSERVATIVES DON’T agree with this president’s policies, ideology and the plans he has been very open with, to totally transform our country, to redistribute wealth and destroy any sense of achievement. He has divided this country worse than any single person, and has successfully turned this country into a two-class society, the haves and the have-nots. These are not the rants of a racist, merely a citizen of our United States who is very concerned for the future of our country. Stop using the race card as a crutch.