Empty Stocking donations list

Previously acknowledged $13,609.81


Gene and Nancy Casto $25

Hand Jives Inc. Car Wash and Detail Ctr. $100

William Yarborough Jr. $25

Stephen and Suu Postelnick $200

The Matsons $75

In Memory of  Mr. and Mrs. F. Stuhler and  Mr. and Mrs. S. Tomber $25

In Memory of  Kristen Weber Glenn $100

Chester Gibson $30

Anonymous $25

George and Carolyn Ogles $25

In Honor of Cal and Hayes $200

Andy and Alice Reese $100

Pamela Johnson $10

David Ansley $50

Lani Luciano $100

Anonymous $50

Lincoln and Marjorie Adams $50

Merry Christmas Marjorie and George Milne $25

Robert and Barbara Rowe $50

Ronald and Irene Jones $20

Bill Wagner $25

Clifford and Erna Hull $50

Brenda Creswell $50

Nancy Brown $100

Anonymous $200

David and Laverne $50

Anonymous $100

Henry Hicks, III $25

In Loving Memory of Robert W. Gay $200

Dennis Ellis $100

Donald and Janet Reynolds, Sr. $100

George and LeAnna Arndt $20

Victor and Emma Vakoc $25

Frank and Maureen Maurer $25

William and Anita McKie $15

Shirley and Guilford Corley $20

In Honor of Aiden Weir from Damma, Bobbie $25

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Thomas. Given by Mr. and Mrs. James O. Brady $200

Charles McClure $50

Anonymous $100

Winfred and Harold Johnston $25

In Memory of my son Michael Hall $25

Jay and Janis Hutchison $50

Earl and Helen Cason $25

Dorothy White $10

In Memory of George and Martha Shiveler $15

Mrs. A. Nonnymouse $15

Russell Smith $20

John Harpring, Jr. $20

Kathy Jackson $20

In Memory of Tony McClellan $25

Anonymous $25

Gene and Joan Dalton $10

Anonymous $100

Larry and Cathy Lingle $100

In Loving Memory of Harry and Earllene Smith $100

Nicole and Paul McDonough $50

In Memory of John S. Tyson, III $50

In Memory of Elliott Horton $50

“The Tudor Family” $25

Michael Taylor $100

Patrick and Myra Corcoran $25

In Honor of all Gods Furry Companions from Dwight and Joanie Williford $20

In Memory of Janie Branch from Leonard and Marilyn Syphrit $100

In Loving Memory of J. Robert Scott $50

Michael Oglesby $20

Ash, Brittany, Carlee and John Patten Moss $100

Hannelore and Clifton Srygley $50

J.M. Nelson $75

Anonymous $25

Jon Winters $50

Phyllis Thompson $200

Lee Deason $50

Norma and Elige Hickman $30

Michael and Rochelle Sullivan $50

Barbara Craker $20

Alma and William Campbell $10

J.C. Bowen $25

Robert and Cynthia Rickman $25

Jimmy Carson $100

Phillip and Leigh Cupp $30

Constan Magoulas $40

Constance and R.M. Read $10

Charles and Edith Mayer $50

Robert Bishop $25

In Loving Memory of Jim and Edna Bowen and Grant and Pat Kinner. Love and miss all of you so much! Bob and Cathy Kinner $20

Arthur Graves $40

Dorothy Goodwin $20

Bellmina Watton $20

Dennis and Carol Murphy $25

The Knox Foundation $5,000

Ronnie Helmly $5

Bernard Hendrix $25

Walter and Marilyn Moore $200

Kay and Bobby Bryant $50

In Memory of Matthew B. Aitken $50

In Memory of Eino A. and Lempi Sarja $30

Anonymous $10

Anonymous $5

Total today $10,305

Total this year $23,914.81