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IF REPUBLICAN governors would just allow their states to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, more than 5 million uninsured people could get health insurance.


RANT FOR FOOD stamps. Cut them more.


I COULD BE MORE tolerant of outdoor smoking if there was a designated area and not around any doorway. But there are thankfully enough smoke-free places that I can avoid the smoke-filled ones.


JEFF THOMPSON, much white light and love to you and your family. Hang in there. As for the clotting, have you all been in touch with Georgia Regents University? Are blood transfusions workable or any help to you? I have donated blood and platelets in people’s names to help them out with expenses on their medical bills when their doctor sets up the form with the blood center. Please check on that.


CONCERNING THE BUS routes to Fort Gordon: There were buses in the past, but when they wanted to run the bus past the front gates a ways, it became too cumbersome to have everyone have to show the guards their IDs. If you would do what some of the taxis and the airport shuttles do and let the soldiers on and off at the gate area, then they can catch the taxis or other transports on the base and the people on the buses will not constantly have to pull out photo IDs to the gate guards.


THE STORY ABOUT the woman who bemoans not having $20 extra a month illustrates the huge problem with people not obviously able to manage the money they get. There’s nothing wrong with sandwiches. When you make your own sandwiches, you can easily live on that amount for food even for three people each month.


BRAVO TO COMMISSIONER Bill Lockett and others who seek to improve bus services for folks. Let’s go in increments if you don’t have the money right off, shall we? I’d love to see service restored to one per hour instead of one per 80 minutes. I know some bus routes got stretched, but as the Augusta Mall bus proves on later Saturday evenings, it can run the routes back the “usual” one hour per route as in the past. Let’s improve it by starting some buses earlier at least on Saturday mornings. I would love to be able to get downtown for the Saturday Markets and other events that start about 9 a.m. instead of getting downtown at the earliest after 10:30 a.m.



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Rants and raves

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