Black Friday deals make paper biggest of year

Start with the old postal motto, “Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night.” Expand that slogan to include Sundays and holidays and you’d have a daily newspaper’s mantra.


Seven days a week, 365 days a year – delivered to your home – no matter the weather conditions, the day of the week or the size of the offering.

The Thanksgiving Day paper is annually our biggest – with dozens of sales circulars touting the details of Black Friday. And this year’s was no exception.

After I carried Thursday’s paper into the house, my wife asked me how much it weighed. So off to the bathroom scale we went to find out.

I placed the pile of paper and inserts on the scale and the usual red numbers were replaced by the letters “E R R.”

Maybe it isn’t heavy enough to make it work, I told her.

“Stand on it holding the paper,” she said. “Then stand on it without and do the math.”

So I stood on the scale, held the paper and made a mental note of the number. I stepped off, put the paper down and mounted the scale again.

“Shouldn’t the number with me holding the paper be the larger number?”

She suggested helpfully that maybe I don’t know how to use a scale and tried it herself.

Red digits with her holding the newspaper. Lower numbers when she put it down. A nearly six-pound difference. “Now you try.”

So I stepped on the scale with no newspaper and noted the number. Then stepped on it with - and the red letter error message appeared once again.

“Maybe it needs new batteries,” I said. “Or maybe we need a new one.”

She pointed out that I was the one holding all of the sales circulars.

The advent of Advent.

That season starts tomorrow and The Augusta Chronicle can help you plan for the holidays.

You already saw the first wave of Christmas shopping fliers. Reading the ads in the next four weeks can help find that perfect gift.

The last two weeks of Applause have previewed the Augusta Players’ upcoming performance of A Christmas Carol and the ballet’s performances of The Nutcracker. Our pages and calendars will feature seasonal events all month long.

Or you can go online to as a one-stop place for all the holiday events – the parades, singing trees, live Nativities, plays, performances and Christmas Eve services.

And in the season of giving, we will also write about the charities, toy drives, coat drives, red kettles and dinners.

And no Christmas season in Augusta would be complete without The Chronicle’s annual Empty Stocking Fund.

On the front page, you will read stories about the people in our community that need help. Then you will read the names of those sharing their generosity on the Metro front.

That is our tradition.



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