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I AM PRAYING that Scott Dean can get out of prison.


IT BURNS ME up that they are helping the people overseas. Don’t you know that charity begins at home? Look around and you will see homeless people living in the streets. If there is anything left, you can help foreigners.


DON’T FORGET the homeless this time of year. I was homeless last year. The need is still great. Help as much as you can.


I THINK IT IS a shame Cherry Tree Crossing was on the front page on Veterans Day.


A BIG THANK YOU for a young lady and her mother at the Cracker Barrel who paid for my family’s meal because I am a veteran. I really appreciate it.


BIG RAVE FOR the Applebee’s in Evans for the Veterans Day meal. The service was great and the food was excellent. Thank you.


RANT FOR Columbia County water. It still tastes like dirt. Are we going to be reimbursed? Richmond County fixed their problem. This water is terrible.


I WAS SHOCKED to see that a family was receiving $793 a month for food. I work in a church food pantry that gives out food to families every week. I know of five or six other churches that do the same thing. People should not get extra money for food. There are enough places that give out food to handle that.


ANOTHER WEB site plagued by “glitches”? This time it’s the Com­mon Application, a college admissions application used by more than 500 colleges. There is no excuse for the mess they caused when they revamped the Web site this fall. It’s time that we got the right people designing sites and have those sites thoroughly tested before unleashing them on the public.


I WATCHED John Kerry and other world participants scurrying around eager to get a deal with Iran on the nuclear program. We have to hand it to France when they said, “Not so fast” and the deal making came to a halt. When dealing with Iran an abundance of caution is in order.


EVERY DAY I travel Storm Branch Road and do not understand why it is OK for people to drive mo-peds, dirt bikes, go-karts and golf carts with zero lights at night, but if there were an accident the other person would have to pay. Aiken County, control these areas and get this stuff off the road.



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