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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, we are failing our nation’s veterans on a daily basis, and we have to do more to get them back on their feet.


QUESTIONING THE president’s faith ... how Christian is that? NOT! People who claim they are Christians but waste time and angst on putting down every other religion ... obviously there is NO God if one does not slap those people down with a lightening fork.


A HUGE RAVE TO all those responsible for bringing the wonderful events that have been happening at the Evans Towne Center Park especially the awesome concerts! Keep up the good work! (Hint: Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20)


I WENT TO A COLLEGE football game and there was no loud profanity, no drunks passed out on the sidewalk or urinating in public, no men in their 60s barking like a dog, and no trash or beer cans on the ground around the tailgaters: Then I realized I was in Statesboro and not Athens!


A HUGE RANT TO the driver of the pickup truck who was speeding and tailgating on Bobby Jones Expressway. When I was going 61 mph in the right lane and you were on my bumper, I wondered what you were late for. Then you made a wild move, got in front of me and sped away. A few minutes later I saw that you had just wrecked your truck and thought now he’s really going to be late!


FIRE MASON AND Lockett! They want to demand the taxpayers of Augusta pay for another holiday for city workers. Mason and Lockett don’t work for their money now. My husband is a veteran and he has to go to work on Veterans Day. Mason and Lockett might believe they are entitled, but I say No!


I AM TRULY disappointed in The Chronicle for not having a story on the front page about our courageous military personnel on Veterans Day. Surely someone on your staff could find a heartwarming story about a veteran to share with your readers. They deserve to be honored on this day. To ignore them completely is totally unacceptable.


WHAT’S HAPPENING IN the world today? The latest in Augusta is a priest dipping his hand in the kitty! Stealing $1,700, which is certainly not small change, should bring a stiff sentence to say the least. Let’s hope that this does not get “swept under the rug” just because he is a priest.



Thu, 12/14/2017 - 22:28

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