Rants & Raves

WHAT IS WRONG with our city that they won’t fix the ice in the James Brown Arena? There were about 12 people who traveled to Fayetteville, N.C., to watch some of our River­Hawks players play who are playing on another team. They won that night. We want hockey back in Augusta.



I BELIEVE THE new health care act will be the end of traditional health care as we know it.


I HAVE A RAVE for Mc­Bean Elementary’s principal. The parent who spoke out to the news did not tell the whole story. There is much more to it. Dr. Dallas is adamant about keeping her students safe. She did the right thing. Parents should be thankful.


BLYTHE IS A GREAT little community. The good folks in our town are going to have to work a little bit harder and smarter now that the downtown Augusta barons have pushed our new mayor into place. Outside interference never succeeds.


MEASLES AND MUMPS are making a comeback in the U.S. The reason is simple. Illegal aliens, coming here from third world nations with no medical care to speak of, are bringing diseases once wiped out here. TB is also rearing its ugly head. Another reason to enforce protecting our borders.


I WISH THE local media would stop calling this area the metro. Augusta is still a one-horse hick town with corrupt politics and a welfare mentality.


THE FIRE DEPARTMENT needs to quit whining about everything. You don’t hear the rest of county complaining about time off. If you don’t like it, quit!


THE GROUP WHO wants to ban smoking in bars tries to compare the ban on asbestos as being the same. Big difference: Asbestos has been banned. Spend your time and money banning cigarettes … leave the private business owners alone. Also, you know when you choose to enter a bar that there might be cigarette smoking. You have a choice.


I WANT TO THANK the firefighter from a Columbia County fire department on Old Louisville Road outside of Harlem who helped the black dog that was hit, and he called Animal Control and they assisted in a timely manner. His name is Bubba, and he is a very kind person and a lot of help. Thank you very much, sir, and I hope that you receive your just rewards. You have a lot of kindness in your soul and a lot of good in your soul.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves