Rants & Raves

WHOEVER POSTED a rant about crossing guards in Blythe needs to study how the government works. They have not a clue. The mayor or city council has nothing to do with the crossing guard. That is the Richmond County Board of Education’s department. There has not been a guard in Blythe since any of the elected officials who serve now have been on the council. Children are bused to front doors and have been for eight or more years.



RANT TO THE people with food stamps who say they can’t feed a family of four on $400 a month. If they bought food that had to be cooked instead of junk, they would eat good. We had food stamps for three months for a family of five – a little over $200. We ate well. My kids got apples and oranges for snacks.


I DON’T SEE WHY they won’t let Scott Dean out. He has suffered enough. His four children need to see him for Christmas.


INSTEAD OF moving to Atlanta, if Georgia Regents University is going to move, maybe it should move to Columbia County. There are lots of young people and the population has increased, not decreased.


RANT TO Richmond County drug enforcement. South Augusta on Winston Way and Elliot Boulevard is crawling with drug dealers day and night.


MY RANT CONCERNS the Online Comments at the bottom of this Rants & Raves column. Is there some reason that folks who send in their comments want to keep the subject of what they comment about a big fat secret? I don’t even know what they are talking about because they don’t say. Maybe I don’t read enough of The Chronicle.


THE RECENT SHOOTING in Hephzibah underscores the need for Richmond County schools to teach gun safety as part of the curriculum.


THE EMBARRASSMENT to Georgia Regents University came from President Ricardo Azziz’s office, not from the Save the A group.


BASTON ROAD at Washington Road has lots of problems that need attention. Besides the lack of clarity concerning the acceleration lane onto Washington Road, there is the red light before you go over the railroad tracks. What is its purpose? Obviously it needs to be red if there’s a train coming, and obviously no one should stop the car on the railroad tracks. The light stays red most of time – and many drivers run it. It’s the only red light I’ve ever run in my life, and I’m 67 years old.


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