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IF WE COULD ticket even half of the drivers who have dark-tinted windows, we could make a fortune here in Augusta.

REMOVE THE JAMES Brown monument from Broad Street.

I’M SO HAPPY about our troops coming home. I just want to thank President Obama. He is a wonderful president. It will be a wonderful day when all our troops come home.

THE CLEANUP ON Bobby Jones Expressway from Peach Orchard to Sand Bar Ferry Road looks very good. You guys did a good job. Thank you.

HUGE RAVE TO OUR football coach this year. Coach Rob Kincaid showed our boys how to win, lose, be serious, have fun, stand up for yourself, back down when necessary and the meaning of being a team. All of our assistant coaches did awesome, too.

IF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S recovery has been so incredible, why are food stamp rolls growing so quickly? In the USDA report for July, there were 800,000 new enrollments in just one month. With a $5 billion cut, the budget for the SNAP program simply reverts to 2011 levels. It is time for the Democrats and the liberal media to stop whining and to tell the truth.

SCOTT DEAN IS not guilty. He should be turned loose. That young girl lied.

I WENT TO THE Columbia County fair. I enjoyed myself except for the smokers. Why can’t it be smoke-free? And if it can’t be smoke-free, why they don’t have a designated area. It would make things so much better.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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