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RAVE TO THE person who returned my checkbook to my front porch in Cambridge. I had absentmindedly left it on the trunk of my car and it fell off on Cambridge Way or Watervale Road. Yes, there are still good honest people in our world.


THERE IS A great sign at Exit 1 in North Augusta. It says “Acceleration Lane – Keep Moving.” Can we get this sign for the intersection of Baston Road and Washington Road? People keep stopping, despite the acceleration lane, and back up traffic over the railroad tracks.


RAVES AND blessings to the participants and first responders who saved my daughter’s life at the 5K race at Blanchard Park on Oct. 26. We were so glad you came to the hospital to see her. We are forever in your debt.


RENTAL UNITS ARE being sold at auction, but the contents of the units are listed. Does this mean that the auctioneers have gone into the units and removed all of the good things and left the junk?


WHAT IS BEING done about the almost daily discharge of firearms in close proximity to Pinecrest School? It has become very unsafe just picking students up and being on school grounds. The cars with no tags and zombielike drivers circle continuously and appear to be involved in illicit trade in the area. I wish an aggressive patrol could step up traffic stops and at least those without proper license and insurance can be put on foot.


THE HANDICAPPED parking article said that a doctor’s note is not required. My application not only requires a doctor’s signature but it also must be notarized. I wish someone would clarify this point.


I SEE THAT the so-called country music entertainers are receiving their awards. They, along with some of the area radio stations would not know real country music if it hit them in back of the head. Thanks to the station in Thomson and 650 AM for night-time listeners for keeping it real.


I AM SORRY that Alexis Wren felt that she was deceived regarding the $35 parking fee. As long as I can remember, parking fees were always charged when the campus belonged to ASU, so she should not have been surprised that a fee was required. Maybe she needs to pay more attention to detail when reading e-mails?


TV STATIONS, please don’t cut into your weekend news shows and magazines with local commercials that make the news undecipherable.



Sun, 10/22/2017 - 17:59

Rants and raves