Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THERE WERE NOT 1,800 season ticket-holders for the hockey team. That number was made up. The arena doesn’t want to get an ice machine because the RiverHawks did not make enough money to justify it. Only three or four hundred people showed up for games. Hockey just didn’t work here.



MY 26-YEAR-OLD SON just received his letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield. Sorry, pal, we can’t insure you anymore because of the Affordable Care Act.


RANT TO CITY financial controls. First it was the time card issue, and now it is paying temporary workers who were released eight months ago. How can this happen? Paying for worker we don’t even have. Someone should be fired or forced to resign (without benefits) inside the city government. Who will answer for this?


COME ON, AUGUSTA! With the underdeveloped riverfront and completely undeveloped Augusta Canal, we should be ashamed. Last weekend in Savannah really opened my eyes to the major lack of foresight by the powers that be here in Augusta. Can we just start over?


HALF OF THE FBI 10 most wanted list are illegal aliens. There is no way on Earth we should pass amnesty for the other 15 million illegals running around loose here.


WHEN YOU GO TO divorce court, remember that it is a business transaction. Leave your feelings at home and you will do better.


RAVE FOR THE young man named Larry who works at IGA in Harlem. He is always well-mannered and polite. We need more like him.


RANT TO THOSE two-faced Senate and House Democrats who are asking for a delay now for implementation of “Obamacare.” Reid is now turning blue that some of his previous backers are mutinying, considering that Obama and many other Democrats stated you can keep your health insurance and doctor, but know it was not true.


FOR THOSE WHO voted Democratic who kept the majority of the Sen­ate within the party, consider this your bailiwick, because I believe you want to blame the Republicans for this fiasco. Not one Republican House or Senate member voted for Obamacare, knowing it would be a debacle, as is now being realized by hundreds of thousands.


RANT TO THE Richmond County Board of Elec­tions. I went onto the Board of Elections site on Augustaga.gov, and nowhere did it say where I was supposed to vote.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 21:01

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