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HOW DID GEORGIA Regents University dictatorship get to invade Augusta State University so badly that they now plan to possibly “repurpose” the campus and move things closer to the Medical College of Georgia campus? Those historic buildings (Benet House, Payne Hall and Rains Hall) need to be maintained. As for the mills, I hope ghosts prevail there.


HATS OFF FOR the wonderful new Augusta resident who noticed the offensive quote on the Thackeray marker to report it. Let us have no more such insensitive public pieces in town.


THE AL STEWART/Dave Nachmanoff concert at the Columbia County Library theater was outstanding. I hope they will return again.


NO PERSON IN this country should be subject to something that has been repeatedly proved to be extremely detrimental to their general health. Secondhand smoke kills, and Breathe Easy Augusta should be receiving more support and recognition.


RANT TO THE Aiken County treasurer. My payment for my property taxes is going to a post office box in Charlotte, N.C. Why couldn’t you find someone in our own state or county to process our payment instead of outsourcing it to North Carolina?


KUDOS TO ALL of those who made the Stand Down for Homelessness resource fair at the Salvation Army Center of Hope a success. It was nice to see that nine agencies provided counseling, food and services at the fair. Let’s all do a little more to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


THANK YOU TO the family who paid the tab for me and my son at Logan’s on Nov. 2. God bless you!


THE GOVERNMENT can’t even set up a Web site; who thinks they can run the American health care system– a fifth of the economy? People thinking the government can run the health care system should scare you to death.


THEY SHOULD CHANGE the name of the Georgia-Florida game from “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” to the “Thug Bowl.” Was it college football or the UFC? A complete and total lack of control and class for both teams.


WANT TO HEAR some real old songs? Turn to 98.7 on your radio. Was I surprised. Songs I have not heard in forever.


ON TV A MAN said that the world is controlled by big business and criminals. Money is not the root of all evil. Greed is the problem.



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Rants and raves

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