Rants & Raves

RANT TO THE AUGUSTA Chronicle for the picture of the little girl zombie on the front of the Halloween paper. It was sick, disgusting and ridiculous for the cover of a paper, especially for a little girl.



RANT FOR THE THREE teenage boys attempting to walk up the street with their pants down, straining and wobbling all the way. Unfortunately, you are so stupid you can’t figure out what’s wrong. Very unfortunately, you were high school students, amazing.


BIG RAVE TO THE lady who had complained about that offensive quote on the marker on the 700 block of Broad Street. It takes good citizens one step at a time to correct things like that, and I’m so glad she did so. I had rarely gone to that end of town, and I’m glad it is now cleaned up of such an old, pitifully outdated and plain wrong saying!


HERE’S A MESSAGE for the northern doctor’s wife. We are so fortunate to have sensitive newcomers like you to come down south and show the uneducated residents of Georgia how to correct our historical markers. Thanks!


HAT’S OFF TO THE PENNY pinchers like the raver and Bill Kirby. Now let’s hope those being kicked off of food stamps can learn from all that! Time to give up the candies, sodas, cinnamon buns and other non-nutritional items.


IF THE POLITICIANS think the outlying areas are happy with how money is being spent since we consolidated the two governments, then put a straw poll question to the voters next ballot. Seriously, just ask us what we feel.


OBAMA SPOKE IN BOSTON about the advantage of Obamacare. He stated we are all in the game. If you believe this, you must have put him in office for a second term. Ask Obama when he will sign up for this debacle. Recall Reid and Pelosi are the two that rammed this legislation through, but excused Senate and House from taking part in Obamacare as these individuals have a Cadillac health care plan. What is good for the goose is supposed to be good for the gander. Remember these tidbits in November.


TO THE DRIVER IN the gray or silver truck SC tag who made a right turn on Laney-Walker from the left turning lane on 15th Street. You should be glad that I keep up the maintenance on my car.


Tue, 09/19/2017 - 22:57

Rants and raves