Rants & Raves

I THINK THERE is flagrant and unabashed turkey suppression going on in Augusta. You have to show a state issued ID to get one of James Brown’s turkeys.



IT’S A SHAME that the government does not give more visibility to the true unemployment rate. This rate now is 13.6 percent, which is in marked contrast to 7.2 percent that is normally published. The true unemployment takes into consideration those that are actively looking for work and those who have given up looking for work and those who are underemployed. Basically things are much worse than that we are led to believe!


A HUGE RAVE for Jodie who assisted me when I could not locate my friend’s vehicle after the book signing at Lady Antebellum Saturday night. She really went “above and beyond” by driving me around the parking areas and even offered to take me home. Your kindness is very much appreciated!


PHOTO IDS for free turkeys, but not to vote.


NOTHING COULD be more deceptive than showing President Obama praying. It is just propaganda and false information.


I KNOW the Sheriff’s Office is talking about selling guns. A few years ago we took the guns off the street to prevent crime. Why sell them back? Can’t they be melted down or destroyed some other way?


YOUR PAPER is really stooping low to print an article about Obama’s faith. He is a communist, not a Christian. You know this is the truth.


I HAVE NEVER smoked, but did spend time around a lot of second-hand smoke growing up and in bars. At the age of 46 I developed an incurable lung disease. If you want to smoke, smoke in your home, but not around your children.


DON’T PUT Rev. Al Sharpton in the paper; he is a fraud.


ALL THE PEOPLE need to quit throwing all their trash on the side of the road. That’s why they call it the ghetto.


ONCE AGAIN I see that residents can sign up for free turkeys from the Brown family. They can require government issued identification as well as proof of address and that’s not racist, but requiring an ID to vote is racist. Where is the logic in that? That is totally nonsensical.


HOW DARE the president cut food stamps? Cut foreign aid instead.