Rants & Raves

AS A HOMEBOUND retiree, I got to observe Richmond County inmate crews on the job for five to 10 days. They arrived at 8:45 a.m. and set up their chairs and then their tools. A five- to six-man crew goes to work as others maintain their position in their chairs. After 15 minutes, all of them are in chairs and eating. About 11 a.m. they load up and leave and return in an hour in time to load up and leave for the day. They are always gone by 1 p.m. Hire contractors; it’s cheaper.



WHAT A BUNCH of twerps in Georgia who get all exercised over 10 words written by a foreigner 157 years ago in a different world, just because of a single complaint by a busybody.


TEN THOUSAND! Now that’s a lot of people who showed up to support the University Health Care Foundation’s annual Miracle Mile Breast Cancer Walk. The great news is that the event raised more than $400,000 that will be used to fund mammograms for the uninsured. Kudos to all who walked and to those who donated.


I THINK IT IS outrageous that The Chronicle does not publish any columns on a regular basis written by liberals. From time to time, The Chronicle does publish a nonpolitical column by Eugene Robinson. Why not publish all his columns?


I NOTICE THAT in order to register for a turkey given by the James Brown Family Foundation, the applicant is required to provide a state-issued photo ID. Why is this acceptable for getting your turkey but requiring a photo ID before voting in an election is discriminatory and racist?


ANOTHER SPILLED hot drink lawsuit. To those eating establishments with drive-through windows. These businesses should cease selling these liquids from the drive-through window. Walk-in service only.


I HOPE THAT Jenkins White Elementary Charter Schools’ fine arts infusion in its curriculum this year as a strategy to boost achievement and enhance social learning will be successful. Unfortunately, I have seen this approach applied in another school (in another state) with disastrous results. This school spent most of the students’ time in creative arts with no learning of the basics.


THE PAPER HAS taken up the cause of handicapped parking. I wish they would take up handicapped bathrooms. The doors are so heavy that I can’t get them opened unless someone comes to help me – and that is going in and out.



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