Rants & Raves

IT’S RIDICULOUS. Football all day on Saturday and all day on Sunday. Not everybody in the area watches football. I would rather see Saturday evening news. It is ridiculous to have all three networks covered up with football.



I BELIEVE the Republican Party should learn from the Democrats because they speak with one voice, one mind and with one accord. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats are united.


WHY DON’T YOU want to print any negative comments? I have had cancer twice and neither one was pink. Why don’t you care about all cancer patients?


I HEARD THAT the Columbia County Water Department is no longer going to charge its homeowners a stormwater runoff fee on their water bill since county residents have been drinking contaminated storm water for the past two weeks.


ANY CITY councilman in Blythe who voted for this boondoggle library project should be voted out. Blythe still has no crossing guard at our school, and the road I live on still hasn’t been paved. They need to get their priorities in order.


HOW LONG DO we who live in downtown have to listen to the trains abuse their air horns 24 hours, seven days a week before you put in traffic guards?


THIS IS A huge rave for the National Hills Animal Hospital doctors and staff. They are the best.


COLLEGE FOOTBALL – targeting penalty? Come on! Why not put one in there for thinking about targeting! What ever happened to smash-mouth football? Line them up, and let them play.


HOW LONG DO we have to put up with the unsafe areas at Augusta Mall? Does anyone remember what happened at the last mall?


THE POPULACE is now learning the Affordable Care Act is like watching the Titanic in its last hours. Leadership from the top and HHS was lacking, and the Democratic Party stance was repeated numerous times. No compromise. (My way or the highway). Now HHS is bringing IT specialists to fix a unfixable Web site after the baby was thrown out with the bath water.


RANT ABOUT the Opinion page. I generally like the columns, but I am getting tired of Bob Young constantly writing about the water. And Gen. Smith is always writing about leadership. There has to be other people to write opinions.



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Rants and raves

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