Rants & Raves

OUR IMMIGRATION laws are not broken. They are not being enforced. More lies coming from our politicians in order to legalize millions of illegal aliens.



WHILE TEA PARTY members continue to think shutting down the government didn’t hurt anything, it will be a shame if the Republican caucus is let off the hook for its accountability in governing responsibly.


IF YOU HAVE rental property, here’s a tip. Get at least three references and call them right in front of your potential renters. You might be surprised how many phone calls this will save you later.


PRESIDENT OBAMA says that immigration reform will grow the economy and reduce the deficit. How? He’s trying to sell immigration reform anyway he can. Truth does not come into it!


RANT FOR Russell and his latest package of raises for county employees with a budget deficit of $8.5 million dollars! This is crazy!


IS AUGUSTA INSANE? Thinking of spending $1 million each on five roundabouts? These roads are in dire need of having the white center lines repainted. The lines are barely visible in daylight and a safety hazard under dark and rainy conditions.


EVERYBODY knows that George Bush was responsible for the recent shutdown and “Obamacare” debacle. Sorry, George, we had to pin it on someone since nobody else is taking full responsibility.


THE WEEKLY crime report with a map showing activities is great. However, it seems like every week the count shows 13 robberies and 11 emergency responses. Is there a problem with counting?


DEMOCRATIC congressmen are now requesting a delay in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. I wonder if President Obama will accuse them of trying to hold America hostage and being terrorists?


ELORA HAMPTON has written and published two books now in the bookstore in the mall. Elora lives in Harlem, Ga., where they are very proud of her wisdom to do God’s inspired work.


RAVE TO Augusta Mall and the new Michael Kors store. Too many folks take for granted the great mall we have in our community.


NEXT TIME you’re in the hospital, give me a call and we’ll talk about how much that nurse is worth.