Rants & Raves

WE NEED TO take away the rotten law that kept paying the inept congressmen “working” during any shutdowns. We also need to repeal giving anyone a lifetime health or retirement payout unless they are worth serving a consecutive 10 years minimum. That’s what private and state businesses have to do.



RAVES TO the sheriff’s office for all those extra speeding tickets. I’m so glad that more officers were put on those traffic beats. We see how many unfortunately illegal drivers there are besides those who die or get seriously injured to the point of paralysis or brain death. Keep ticketing the people, and maybe we can get those folks to attend enough rehab driving classes so that we have fewer accidents to deal with.


RAVE FOR the giant rummage sale behind Village Deli on Oct. 26 to raise money for animal rescue work.


I SEE ALL the rants about stopping congressmen’s pay. We all know that will never happen. Hold your rants until Election Day. Then everybody who cares to vote will be able to express their approval/disapproval. If people don’t vote or make the wrong choices, then idiots will be elected and all our problems will just come back again.


RAVE TO ALL those who find something good to rave about. The world needs a lot less ranting (aka whining).


RAVE TO Augusta Mall for holding a fall fashion show featuring breast cancer survivors. It was a great show and a great community event supporting breast cancer awareness.


ANOTHER RANT FOR the thousands of people who do not know how to drive. The lines painted on the road have meanings. Double yellow means do not pass. A solid white line means do not switch lanes. Please learn the rules of the road.


THE RESIDENTS of River Glen Apartments should expect the new owner to take care of all the problems that exist; that’s the owner's responsibility. In addition to taking care of the maintenance items, the new owner has said he would also put security guards on site. It’s a bit of a stretch, however, to expect them to add a basketball court and a computer room for the older kids, as suggested by Tara Freeman. The parents need to take on the responsibility for looking after their own kids.