Rants & Raves

WHAT IS THE process for breaking up the consolidated government of Augusta-Richmond County? I love where I live but am tired of paying for everything downtown when I live on the south side. This new rain tax is ridiculous. I bet they still won’t take care of the water that comes off the road onto my property.



RANT FOR THE American people. I wonder how many people reading this would sign a document concerning your income, your taxes, your health care, your well-being, your future, your investments and your retirement without even reading it? I doubt very many. But that’s what your Democratic leaders did with the Affordable Care Act. It will affect us for years.


RAY DREW COMPARES football to fishing, and Mark Richt’s son is studying music in Nashville. Is there nothing better to write about in the world of sports? Please stop bombarding us with silly stuff about the mighty University of Georgia Bulldogs.


OCT. 16, 2013, MARKED one year since Tim Grooms was brutally killed in his aunt’s room at University Hospital. The suspect was initially denied bond. In an emergency bond hearing before Thanksgiving last year because the suspect was gravely ill, the suspect was released from jail on bond. It has been a year since he was released. Evidently he is no longer gravely ill because he applied to the court to be appointed as the executor of his late wife’s estate. It is time to revoke his bond and return him to jail to await trial. Where is the justice for Tim Grooms?


I AGREE WITH the rant about the bad drivers in Augusta. I’ve never seen so many people blatantly run red lights and stop signs – turning right before coming to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign is illegal, people!


BILL KIRBY, I LOVE how you are still pinching pennies. The other week, some girl plopped three pennies down on the floor of the bathroom. Mama instantly pulled the girl away from getting the pennies, that they were dirty by who knows how many germs by people. After they walked out of the bathroom, I could indeed see drops of possible urine around the three pennies. But I picked them up and headed to the sink, turned on the water and rallied the soap and washed them a couple of times with good scrubbing and better rinsing of warm water. Now I have 3 more cents to add to the “fortune” I accrue in a special piggy bank.



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Jury acquits man of aggravated assault