Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANT FOR THE Augusta Commission approving money for police to improve safety on the highways. That’s a joke. Follow some of those guys some time. They run red lights; they watch people run red lights; they speed; they do illegal lane changes; they don’t have their lights on when it’s raining. They are some of the worst drivers out there. I wouldn’t insure any of them.


PLEASE DON’T SMOKE in front of the door. We don’t want to walk through clouds of smoke just to get inside a grocery store. Please move at least 20 feet from the front door to smoke.


RAVES AND HEARTFELT thanks to two women in the commissary when I fell so hard and broke my shoulder and hurt my nose. Thanks for keeping me calm.


I AM SO GLAD Sheriff Roundtree is taking control of these corrupt cops. Good work. Keep it up.

IN THE WORDS OF M-A-S-H’s Col. Sherman Potter, “Horse feathers!” Not only am I not going to be able to keep my current insurance, the plan foist upon me and my family is more expensive and covers less.


THOUGH I AM sympathetic towards the city workers concerning their raise, I am not empathetic. The teachers in Richmond County have not had a raise since Obama took office. If fact, we have endured either eight or nine furlough days per year. When will we get a raise?


TO THE RANTER who suggested we stop listening to the hate on Fox (which is 50 percent opinion, 50 percent news), should we then listen to the hate on MSNBC or NBC, which is 85 percent opinion?


I LIVE ON RICHARD’S Road, and I am a friend of the mosquito man who got locked up. It broke my heart that he got arrested, but it did my heart good when I saw that his boss, Mr. Kendrick, stepped forward and got him out of jail.


DON’T BE SO proud and arrogant at church. Speak to people when they speak to you.


POLICE, YOU NEED to take your sunglasses off and make eye contact with people when you talk to them. It is unprofessional. They can’t see your eyes through those glasses.


I AM EMBARRASSED to be a retired military veteran. Hearing that our government won’t pay our deceased soldiers their money. All veterans please do not reelect anybody who is currently in office.


I DON’T THINK THE Republicans should be blamed for the shutdown. It all started because Obama will not give up the lost cause of Obamacare. He puts this country to shame.


OBAMA HAS BEEN, and is, forcing us into a gross economic depression; and it’s clear that’s been his aim all along.