Rants & Raves

THIS IS A RANT for the Savannah River Site. According to the Oct. 12 paper, managers have reportedly told their staffs that they might not be covered under a bill passed by the House to retroactively pay all federal employees for lost salary. My rant is if we’re not treated as federal employees now, why were we treated as federal employees three years ago when the president froze federal employees’ salaries and we received no cost-of-living increases for these three years?



GIVE ME A BREAK. Re­cipients of food stamps will not starve in a one- or two-day glitch. I get stopped all the time by people wanting to sell me their food stamps. They get enough to store some staples in their cabinets. The whole program has gone crazy, people keep having babies they can’t afford. When is it ever going to stop?


THIS SHUTDOWN situation is the fault of the Republicans who want to blackmail the president and force aside the Affordable Care Act that most people want. How could any decent person not want uninsured people to get insurance? Stop the shutdown Republicans!


I THINK THE mere hours of EBT failure served a good purpose. We find out more of possible scammers on the system. The REAL poor people should know the churches and other locations for free groceries and/or meals. Now maybe the scammers will learn the true value of the free foods they have been taking for granted.


FOR ALL THE back-seat presidents: Y’all voted in Bush and his three stooges to run our debt up with a huge lie that killed our soldiers daily. Never heard any of you complain about that. Lying to his wife about Monica got Clinton impeached. Lying about Saddam? No big deal!


QUESTION FOR Sherriff Roundtree: If the feds asked the RCSO to lock down open air memorials or federal parks in our community, would you order your officers to deny law-abiding citizens access?


THE HEALTH CARE Act is 2,700 pages and has spawned more than 13,000 pages of regulations. The Civil Rights Act is four pages long. Throw out these arrogant, meddlesome politicians who exempt themselves from atrocities they pass.


WE HAVE LAWS on the book that prohibit the loud music coming from cars in south Augusta. Why don’t the police stop these people? They hear them. Give them a ticket. Do something.