Rants & Raves

RANT TO ALL of the cable companies and the television networks for continuing to allow abusively loud commercials to be broadcast to our televisions. The FCC recently introduced regulations that made it a violation for these commercials to be played at an extremely loud volume. The worst offender is a local mega car dealer who always has loud commercials and you all know who he is.



TO THE RCBOE: Why are the taxpayers paying for the GPS tracking devices on all these school buses, yet they are allowed to go to gas stations and fast-food restaurants? Who is tracking this?


I HAVE OBSERVED, with more frequent occurrence, school-aged children out and about with their parents during school hours while all schools are in session. I am told they are homeschooled. If so, why aren’t they at home? Being schooled. Not much education being attained while shopping at the mall, eating lunch at restaurants, etc.


RAVES TO ALL of the kind and compassionate people that care for stray dogs and cats. It is amazing to see the love in the eyes of people that rescue companion animals and the grateful faces of the animals that are saved. We need more help. If you are willing to help with donations of time, love, money, supplies or your home as a foster home, please do. Your talents can help save more animals, and put you in the company of more good caring people. You really can be part of the solution.


RANT FOR THE empty suit in the White House. He was right! I was able to KEEP my insurance, but today I received notice that my monthly payment has been increased 800 percent. And I’m 70 on a fixed income.


SO, LET ME get this straight: Our federal government pays farmers to not grow crops, but when that payment doesn’t come because the government is shut down, the farmers sell their crops at lower prices. Less expensive products with market-regulated protection against inflation sounds like a pretty good idea, and we would have fewer farmers parked at the federal trough and fewer politicians giving them money to not be productive.


REMEMBER THAT THE members of the House and Senate still get their paychecks and their health insurance. Remember this when you vote in 2014.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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