Rants & Raves

I AM A NONSMOKER. Booze causes more deaths then smoking, so leave the smokers alone. I live in the USA, not Rus­sia. This is a promise: If you ban smoking in Augusta, there will be a lawsuit.



IT’S NO SURPRISE that the only folks getting hurt during the government shutdown were the taxpayers, military and veterans. The parasites are still getting their welfare, food stamps and Section 8 housing. Egypt and Syria are getting their American aid. President Obama and his Democrats are showing whose side they’re on – and it isn’t the working class.


WHY DOES THE Rich­mond County Board of Edu­­cation build a new Gar­rett Elementary School and still keep open National Hills Elemen­tary School, which has only 12 students in a classroom?


TO ALL THE WORKERS using Gate 5 of Fort Gordon: The posted speed limit on that road, once you get onto the base, is 35 mph, not 15, not 20. The only time it is slower is when the lights are flashing on the 25 mph school sign. Please do the rest of your fellow drivers a favor and drive the posted speed on the base, and quit being overly afraid that the MPs might be lurking. Your slow driving could be making someone late for work.


PEOPLE OF THE Augus­ta area: It is now time to register to vote and clean out the den of iniquity in Washington, D.C. Do it for the dead soldiers who have been spit on by our government.


WHY DOES Channel 12’s local evening news have to look all the way to Mexico to drag up some story about a guy putting a padlock on his girlfriend’s pants? Give us a break; this has nothing to do with Richmond Coun­ty or the area but a lot to do with sensationalism that the media love to create.


AIKEN COUNTY SHERIFF Michael Hunt has retired once and is receiving a check he earned and deserves; however, the extra check he receives biweekly he is not earning. We are not getting equal police protection in north Aiken, and his call screeners and handlers will not let callers speak with him, nor will he return calls.


CONGRESS WAS FORMED to keep any president from becoming a dictator; therefore, Congress is just doing its job by questioning the president’s policies and programs. The Republicans are fighting Obamacare because it is an extremely bad program that has about $500 million more taxes in it to be imposed on the American people.