Rants & Raves

I SEE RICHMOND County was awarded a grant to help discourage impaired and aggressive drivers. Great idea and I hope tailgaters are one of the main targets. I am tired of having my life endangered by people who do not know how to drive. Drunk or sober.



IT’S TIME THAT the Augusta Commission members got educated on the dangers of second-hand smoke. They need to read the evidence of those dangers before they vote again on the banning of smoking in bars and other public places. It’s time to act in a responsible manner.


IF MANAGEMENT AT SRS had honored my request during the last layoff I would be retired now but instead I’m furloughed and wondering when the government is going to stop playing games and put us back to work. I need my paycheck.


THE USE OF THE iPad as a communicating tool for those with severe communication problems is indeed a tremendous step forward. The challenge now will be how we keep the freeloaders the “I want an iPad, too” crowd from infiltrating the program.


HERE WE GO again. Your paper this week highlighted two incidents where passengers were not wearing seat belts in deadly accidents. How many deaths do we have to witness before people get the message that wearing seat belts is not a stupid law. Wake up to the fact that “buckle up” needs to be part of your life.


SOCIAL SECURITY recipients are going to get a measly 1.5 percent raise in their benefits next year. Wow, that’s going to really mean a big difference to us who depend on it for a living. I know how they come up with the number, but in reality the cost of all food items have risen dramatically over the past year. It’s obvious that those who set the raises have not got a clue as to what it costs the ordinary senior citizen to just survive.


RANT TO THE PERSON complaining about Richmond County Sheriff’s Office having a traffic check at the bottom of Morgan Road. If you feel that going down a hill might make your speed increase, press that big pedal in the middle. It’s called the brake.


I AM SURE THAT the Richmond County Board of Elections’ new precinct plan that would mean a change of polling location for about 13,000 voters will not be popular. I can see the out-of-towners raising all sorts of reasons why the plan is unfair and will restrict the citizens from voting. Let’s move on, Augusta, and adopt the plan.



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Rants and raves

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McDuffie County man killed in accident