Rants & Raves

COLUMNIST ED Conant is at best a Republican In Name Only. More likely, a fellow traveler of Harry Reid. At any rate, The Chronicle would be better dumping him and getting someone along the lines of Neil Boortz or Dr. Mike Savage. I’d settle for Ann Coulter.



EVERY PENNY of every U.S. senator’s and representative’s pay should be stopped immediately.


SO, THE OPPRESSOR in Chief says he’s not negotiating. His puppet in the Senate – Harry Reid – says he’s not negotiating. Yet, the opinion outlets (formally known as news outlets) are blaming the Tea Party for the shutdown. Place the blame where it belongs – in the Oval Office.


RAVES FOR anyone who allowed the federal government to shut down. Do the people in Washington not realize that they are proving that we can get along with only “essential” government employees, and that there is way too much fat in all federal programs. Keep them at home, let them file for unemployment benefits, then the jobless numbers will get someone’s attention. There are three new branches of the Fed: Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.


RANTS TO “Project Jackson,” the North Augusta ball park plot. Let’s get this incredible scenario straight – a baseball stadium is being built in North Augusta, S.C., that the citizens of North Augusta don’t want there, so the GreenJackets, a pro team based in another state – Georgia – can play games; and it’s being paid for, under protest, by the overburdened taxpayers of Aiken, who don’t want it either. Meanwhile, the only people who stand to benefit from the whole fiasco are the construction companies and land developers. All courtesy of Southern “Good ‘Ol Boy” politics.


A RANT TO The Augusta Chronicle. Who is the person down there that thinks it has been a good idea for the past 5 or more years to put the solution to the Sunday’s Sudoku puzzle right next to the puzzle. (Hint: Being upside down doesn’t really hide the answers). Tell me, in a 75 page plus Sunday paper, is there nowhere else to print “TODAY’S ANSWER”?