Rants & Raves

IF YOU WANT to end the madness that is going on in Washington, send Congress home and take away their pay. They will fix the problem immediately!



I HAVE NEVER seen any group of people in a so-called free country have such hateful attitudes toward the president. They are willing to disrupt the lives of so many people to continue the theme of racism. Health insurance is no different from car insurance. There will be ways to work out the kinks. The Bible is being fulfilled for the last days.


I DON’T MIND taking care of the helpless; I’m just tired of being forced to prop up the clueless.


YES, WE CAN fix this country. We can vote all incumbents out of office, from local commissioners to senators and congressmen. If they won’t vote in term limits, we will. Send them packing. When they first get elected, they seem to be concerned about the citizens they represent. Then, it goes to their heads (and bank accounts), and they are only concerned about themselves and the big money coming their way if they make the right decisions. Vote out incumbents; vote in term limits.


IS IT ASKING too much if we request that no more pictures of Miley Cyrus’ tongue be published?


THE GOVERNMENT IS going to pay the furloughed federal workers. Then why can’t they go back to work, instead of staying home doing nothing for the money? That is the way this administration works, something for nothing.


I HAVE A friend who went to the health department and they wanted $5 for a signature on some kind of piece of paper. You can get a professional football player to sign a piece of paper for nothing. Since when is any nurse or nurse assistant worth $5?


I TRIED TO read the pink newspaper. I do support cancer awareness, but it is too hard to read.


I LOVED THE centenarians story. Before I read that article, I didn’t want to live past 75. Seeing these lovely people makes me look forward to living to at least 100. Thanks again.


RANT FOR COLUMBIA County. Can someone tell me where your school crossing guards are?


I JUST MAILED a letter at the Peach Orchard Road post office. The smell from the trash bins made me extremely nauseous. I hope the county will get rid this smell.



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Rants and raves