Rants & Raves

I’M VERY disappointed in the Republicans voting for Obamacare. The will of the people don’t want it. There is something very wrong here. They probably just care about their paychecks and their health insurance. I am very disappointed.



OBAMA AND HIS Democrats make the shutdown as difficult as possible for the military and veterans. More proof that these folks are ANTI-AMERICAN. Anyone who continues to support these guys are either parasites or low information zombies.


BIG RANT FOR Columbia County roads and bridges. Surveying on Columbia Road for widening? Five lanes down to two? Then a new three-lane bridge that was obsolete when built. Then three lanes, then four, then five at intersection. This major cross county road should have four-laned 10 years ago. CC leaders knew they would build 100s of housing units with two-plus automobiles emptying onto a two-lane county road. Urban sprawl with country roads. Who is stealing the highway money in CC? And don’t say CC has no control over these roads. CC can build any type of road amendment if the money comes from a business or a housing developer.


THE AUGUSTA Greenjackets will not be called the North Augusta Greenjackets. The powers that be in North Augusta will call them what they want to call them and we won’t have anything to say about it.


HOW ABOUT just call them a person and not worry about what color they are or where they came from or anything else? I think that would be a good idea.


I HAVE NEVER SEEN any group of people in a so-called free country have such hateful attitudes toward the president in this country. They are will to disrupt the lives of so many people to continue the theme of racism. The insurance no different than car insurance. There will be ways to work out the kinks. The Bible is being fulfilled for the last days.


BLACK AMERICAN is the correct term. I am a black American.


RANT FOR CC latest entertainment. The annual mowing of the trash with the grass. Beautiful. Isn’t there a law against littering the roadways? From Wally World to Pollard’s Corner. William Few looked like a war zone this morning. Piles of grass in the middle of the road. Next we will be treated to the bi-annual surveying of Washington Road from Wally World to General Riverwood’s Plantation. Three years straight.