Rants & Raves

GEORGIA REGENTS University, have you never heard of patient privacy? Why is there a picture of a visitor in the Emergency Department on the front page of the newspaper taking a picture?



PLEASE EXPLAIN TO me how the TV show Breaking Bad, which clearly shows the making and distribution of methamphetamines, wins an Emmy Award, yet daily lives and families are destroyed by this illegal drug. Wake up, America.


WE HAVE SOME busybodies here in Harlem trying to mind everyone’s business. Why don’t they clean around their own doors and leave everybody else’s alone? You can’t do anything out here in the projects. Leave the poor people alone.


THE REAL DEMOCRATIC Party died with the advent of George McGovern. The Republicans died with Bush 1. Now they all just look out for themselves. What we need now to fight both of these is a pro-American, Put-America-First Party. Any supporters?


YOU CAN TELL fall has arrived early by the Edgefield County, S.C., residents who burn leaf piles for the entire community to breathe including our kids and many others with asthma-related conditions. A nice wood fire is enjoyable, but leaves only are the pits and infringe on everyone’s health.


A GOVERNMENT shutdown will reveal to the taxpayers what federal programs/spending can be eliminated and what should continue to be funded. With $17 trillion in debt, we are in deep trouble; we are beyond broke. “Obamacare” will be a disaster. Let it go into full effect before the 2014 off-year elections. Once the full effects of this is felt, the fools in Congress who voted for it will be beaten at the polls.


THE AIKEN LIBRARY is so dirty I won’t let my kids sit on the floor. I can’t let them use the bathroom because most of the time there are no paper towels or toilet paper and no soap to wash their hands.


HUGE RAVE TO the honest person who found my checkbook in Regal theater and turned it in. I had a couple of old memento items that meant a lot. My faith in fellow man was restored for this year; thanks again.


RANT TO THE person who was complaining about not being asked to say a prayer at a graveside funeral. Where were you while this person was dying? Did you ask to be on the program? Don’t blame the family; they have enough to deal with months after the person has passed.



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Rants and raves

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Shutdown would hit Augusta hard