Rants & Raves

WE DON’T NEED a charter school. The good students help the poor slower students in class. Students react more to their peers teaching them than teachers. Use that asset. Keep the good students so they can help the poor students. You will see more productivity and better grades.



RANT TO EVERY doctor in the area who doesn’t write excuses for work. I will take my insurance and copays somewhere else, and I will tell everybody I know how you treated me.


RAVE TO JUDGE Daniel Craig and a big rant to Sentinel Offender Services. What goes around comes around. You’re lucky you’re not going to jail.


I SEE NO MENTION of money in the article about the Cops TV show coming to Augusta. Are you telling me that Augusta is providing location, actors and expenses to a film company that will make millions off that show? Someone should take another look at that.


WONDERFUL THANKS to Drs. White and Wild at GRU. They took wonderful care of my son when he had strep throat. He is doing great. Be blessed.


THE POSTAL increase is unnecessary. The problem is easy to solve. Give your employees off Wednesday and Sunday. That gives them a five-day work week and gives the public mail delivery every other day. The employees and customers will be satisfied with no increase in cost.


ARE WE STILL going to get parking meters for our slum area?


WHY DO SOME conservatives enjoy bashing liberals because of perceived name-calling, yet they enjoy using words such as “liberals” and “progressives” as epithets?


THIS IS A RAVE thanking the staff of Richmond/Burke Job Training Authority for the 19 years of providing quality service to the residents of Richmond and Burke counties under the Workforce Investment Act. A rant goes out to the people, including politicians, who destroyed the agency in 2½ months. Seventeen people lost their jobs.


A RANT FOR DON Turner for his letter to the editor. “We the people of the United States ...” means every citizen of the United States regardless of ability to work. It does mean, however, that illegal aliens, and there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant except in the mind of a left-wing liberal, are covered under its laws and rights. Illegal aliens do not have any rights under the Constitution of the United States.



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