Rants & Raves

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A HUGE RANT to people who complain about getting speeding tickets. If you would obey the speed limit, you would not be ticketed. If you feel the need for speed, go to a racetrack. Stop endangering innocent lives.


MEMBERS OF THE Republican fringe claim they don’t want to see the government shut down – as long as their demands are met and Obamacare is defunded. That’s like a playground bully saying, “I don’t want to beat you up, so I won’t do it if you give me your lunch money.”


I WAS DISAPPOINTED to hear there was no German Food at the Arts in the Heart this year. What a shame. It’s the only reason we go. What happened?


RANT TO ALL the folks in Richmond County who are always crying about the trash pickup. I have owned my home in Columbia County for more than 10 years and have always had once-a-week pickup. There are four members in my family, and at least 90 percent of the time my trash can is not even full. What could you possibly be doing to have so much trash?


THE MORE THE people in Washington point fingers of blame at each other and refuse to bend enough to make constructive changes, the more I’m in favor of a government shutdown. These so-called representatives of the people are destroying this country with their false promises and divisive rhetoric; and those of us who still care can only watch powerlessly as we go down this path to ruin.


A RAVE TO CINDY the Zumba Queen. Her wonderful team performing at Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival was so uplifting.


WESTSIDE DANCE TEAM at the Lakeside game Sept. 20 was disgusting and appalling. Where was the coach? Where were the parents? Their dance moves were inappropriate for children and spectators. What is the school system coming to?


A RANT FOR THE people who stood in front of others at the Craig Morgan concert. If you want to stand, please go up to the stage, where you won’t be blocking everyone else’s view. We didn’t pay to look at your back all evening or watch you dance. So rude!


WHAT DOES IT take to have the gas pump receipts refilled at the Shell Gas pumps near Bobby Jones and Peach Orchard Road? On every single pump it tells you to go inside to pick up your receipt.



Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:08

Rants and raves