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I JUST NEED TO shout out about the recent award to Paine College by the National Science Foundation to study barriers to science, technology, engineering and math for black women. Why just black women? We have a dearth of math and science aptitude in this country and need to import engineers from other countries to make up the shortfall.

IT’S TIME TO quit talking about how ineffective the Augusta Commission is in working to improve our city; this behavior has been going on ever since it was established. We the people need to develop some tangible solutions to ending the game-playing, voting along racial lines and buck-passing, and if it means taking legal actions, so be it.

PLEASE TELL ME that modesty is making a comeback with wedding dresses. The young lady in Sunday’s paper with the short sleeves and conservative neckline was gorgeous. Ladies, follow her lead, save the desire to look sexy for the honeymoon and put back the respect and decorum that should go without saying at a church service.

THINK OF DOWNTOWN Augusta not as a slum, but as a metropolitan cultural desert, dotted with oases of civilization.

RAVE FOR THE word “slum.” In this case, it is just a word, designating a section of town in need of more funding to get renovated. Mayor Charles A. DeVaney helped Daniel Village get more money to get renovated, by using the phrase “slum and blighted area.” They are just words, and people are carrying this way too far off the deep end. Just think of what the phrase will do to improve Augusta, and quit whining about the word.

RAVES TO EVERYONE responsible for the Ms. Georgia-Carolina Senior Pageant held at the Kroc Center. What a beautiful place. The best invitation for an evening out in years. The contestants were lovely, hip and most talented. Don’t let the senior part fool you they were dynamite times 10.

TO THE WRITER who commented on the coverage of private schools in The Augusta Chronicle: Keep in mind that coverage happens infrequently compared to the public schools. Although we choose to put our children into private school, we still pay taxes that benefit your children.



Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:32

Rants and raves

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:32

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