Rants & Raves

I’M SO GLAD Ariel Cas­tro saved us the expense of housing him for years. Now the ultimate final chapter would be if his relatives cremated him and scattered his ashes over a dog park.



IF WE HAVE TO have a ground attack by warm bodies, why don’t we gather all those guilty people on death row and life sentence cells who are the most physically and murderously harmful and dump them into the Syrian or other war zones? They would be the best to create harm and havoc on the worst of the dregs of Syria. Include those teens who shot the war hero in that first batch.


IF MILITARY ACTION will deter others from using WMD, why didn’t the last 10 years of military action in Iraq and Afghanistan deter the use of chemical weapons in the first place? I believe the use of chemicals was deliberate to goad the U.S. into unilateral action. The ultimate goal of almost every Muslim over there is to eradicate Israel. However we apply military action, cruise missiles, bombing, etc., these radicals will tell the world the action originated in Israel and use it as an excuse to combine forces and attack. We will then be forced to put “boots on the ground,” and WWIII will result.


IT’S HARD TO believe that Congress, as inept as they are, cannot find enough to impeach Obama.


PERHAPS IF John Kerry had all the thousands of innocent people lined up, laid out and videoed in this country that were killed by senseless criminals each year, he would understand why Syria, as tragic as it is, should be a lesser concern for U.S. citizens.


RANT TO THE THIEVES who stole the golf cart on 4-H Club Road. Thanks for stealing away the good time I have riding my grandkids around. Thanks for taking away a gift my deceased father gave me. When I replace it, come back; I will be glad to give you a ride to Posey’s Funeral Home.


TRIPLE RANTS to the coliseum authority and Global Spectrum for failing to reimburse the RiverHawks owners for the canceled games from last season. Hey, here’s an idea: declare the JBA a slum and get some money to build a new arena in a part of town that’s not a slum; plus, you could pay off those pesky debts – a win-win!



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 21:23

Rants and raves