Rants & Raves

RAVES TO DRS. Dunni­gan, Joseph and Catalano and the employees at Doc­tors Hospital who made my surgery comfortable. You will always have a place in my heart. God bless all of you.



KUDOS FOR YOUR new business section. It is an improvement. It is worthwhile information. It’s up to date and it is good reading.


RAVES TO ANNIE Rogers at the Harlem Middle School. She is a very kind and caring person. I want to thank her for everything she has done for me and other people.


IF I CATCH YOU on my property, you are going to wish you were in the big house.


YOU KNOW THE company has gone to hell when you have a gas leak and you call the gas company and they tell you to call a plumber.


LORI NEWMAN is a wonderful lady and a hero.


RANT FOR THE individuals from North Augus­ta. Get your finances in order. You have a stadium to pay for. You are very rude for saying no new development will be built in the Midland Valley area. We already have Bridgestone, a mega tire plant, Sage Valley, voted the most beautiful golf course around, and now Sam’s Club. Yeah, that Midland Valley area. So come on over to your neighbors and spend your money, and remember North Augusta, be nice.


EVERYTHING OBAMA is doing with Syria is to make himself look good. We don’t belong in Syria; that’s none of our affair.


RANT TO THE Aiken County judicial system. I read that the known murderers of police officers have not gone to trial and are still sitting around eating good hot meals and watching color television while the relatives of the people who they killed sit and wait for justice. What has happened to our judicial system?


RANT FOR FAST-FOOD workers. When people ask for extra hot sauce, ketchup or mustard, can’t you understand that people want five or six, not just two? There is not that much in the packs.


RAVES TO A wonderful lady from Thomson and her son Frank who gave me a ride near Harlem. I can’t remember her name. Sometimes senior citizens can’t afford a car. May God bless her and her son.