Rants & Raves

THIS IS A RANT for Dr. Ricardo Azziz’s precious Georgia Regents University. The Summerville campus is falling into disrepair. There are blue plastic tarps over skylights, the toilets in the bathrooms are broken, and there are numerous security lights out in the parking lots. I reported the lighting problem in the science building parking lot to Security, only to be told that there are no lights working in the University Hall parking lot. Apparently, numerous requests have been made to have the lights fixed, but nothing has been done.



IT’S DESPICABLE: THE Republicans will hold the entire nation hostage unless Obamacare is completely eliminated.


WHAT IS AUGUSTA Commission member Corey Johnson’s real job? … He has not done anything for the people in Augusta.


HOW IN THE WORLD can those poor people afford to pay for those houses in the Bethlehem neighborhood? They are as poor as I am, and I cannot afford one of them, much less more live in that area of town.


I THOUGHT CITY Administrator Fred Russell would be gone by now. Who is keeping him aboard? There is no way that he can keep up at his age with what is happening in the city of Augusta.


RANT TO THE North Augusta cop in the black cruiser on Sept. 5 about 7:40 a.m. who used the Four Seasons Gas Station parking lot at West Five Notch Road and Pisgah Road as a shortcut to circumvent traffic in line to get to North Augusta High School. No wonder there are no tickets written by anyone for this trick, which is highly illegal.


TO MY MAIL carrier: You are rude and lazy. You are one of the many reasons the U.S. post office is in the red. You think because you have a federal job you can work at your pace and deliver or not deliver, as you please. Complaints to management do no good. I am not buying stamps. I will pay online from now on.


RANT TO THE two Richmond County police officers in our subdivision who drive patrol cars home. If you drive them home to make criminals aware you live in the subdivision, it’s not working.


THERE IS NO USE in complaining to Augusta city government about anything. You will get one of three answers: “I’m working on it,” “I’m going to look out for you” or “I’ll bring that up at the next meeting.”



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Winter wonderland comes to Augusta

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Rants and raves