Rants & Raves

HUGE RAVE TO Bernard working the Goodwill truck on Robert C. Daniel Parkway on Sept. 3. I accidentally dropped my wallet into the donation box I gave him. When I frantically returned minutes later, he had my wallet safe and waiting for me, with cash and credit cards intact. I hope his honesty and integrity are returned to him threefold!



RANT TO RICHMOND County (the next Detroit?). Poor or no leadership by our mayor really leads to great disappointment from someone who loves Augusta. After I saw our property taxes go up and the state of the city decline, Augusta is most likely going to lose another taxpayer to Columbia County. Thanks a lot, Deke.


RANT TO THE BOARD of Education. With all the budget cuts I see an officer driving his Board of Education vehicle to his home in South Carolina. Why does he not pick his vehicle up like school bus drivers? We, the taxpayers, are paying for the vehicle and gas for his transportation to and from work.


THERE ARE THREE dogs on Tuttle Street that are starving to death. Calls to Animal Control, nothing done; calls to Augusta Cares, nothing done; e-mails to the mayor’s office, nothing done. Somebody, please do something. I would feed them but I was told by Animal Control not to go on their property. Help!


MY WATER BILL went up sky high, and I didn’t even use a sprinkler. I called to complain, but it doesn’t do any good.


I AM SICK AND tired of tailgaters. I have a cure. I tap my brakes gently and turn my flashers on. If they are paying attention, they will back off because they don’t know what is about to happen.


WHY DON’T WE use prisoners to clear roads and parks? They are being treated like guests instead of criminals. Give them something constructive to do.


PRESIDENT OBAMA said “a strike in Syria would not involve boots on the ground; it would not be like Afghanistan or Iraq.” Then it must be like Libya: four Americans including the ambassador killed, our Embassy trashed and the administration lying.


I DIDN’T THINK there was anything worse than Obama’s economic policies and Obamacare until I saw his foreign policy. This is indeed “amateur hour.”


EVERY TIME THERE is a chance of the United States using military force to attack another nation, Lindsey Graham is leading the charge. What is it with this guy?