Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


LIBRARY BOARD, WHEN are you going to take action against the so-called director? She is worse than the last one.

THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS golf tournament in the world will be held by a slum? Yeah, that makes sense.

“WHERE DO YOU want to go for vacation, Honey?” “Let’s go to Augusta, the Garden Slum of the South.”

WHAT A WAY TO get more government handouts by calling downtown Augusta a slum. This is a real joke, and whoever came up with this idea is the kind of person or people who cause Georgia and our country to have such a financial problem.

NORTH AUGUSTA officials are claiming the city is in need of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to build Project Jackson and give money to the wealthiest developers. Please vote “no” on Project Jackson.

RAVE FOR THE doctors, nurses and assistants on floor 6 South at MCG. They were terrific.

A HUGE RAVE to the Mangelly School of Music Accordion Band for the outstanding concert at the Augusta Museum of History on Grandparents’ Day. They did a fantastic job for the enjoyment of all who attended.

A 17-YEAR-OLD was indicted in a deadly party shooting. It’s getting to where it’s a deadly idea to go to a party.

LIBERAL MEDIA, HUH? The conservative media are alive and well in Fox News and The Augusta Chronicle. At least give a different viewpoint now and then on your editorial page.

WHO MADE THE decision to not show the men’s tennis finals?

AUGUSTA COMMISSION members sure got their feathers ruffled about the Laney-Walker revitalization and it being called a slum. If it sounds like a duck and it walks like a duck, it must be a duck. They don’t want to take the responsibility that the people gave them to govern this city. My suggestion is that all commissioners go through their district once a month and see what the conditions are in this town.

IF YOU SEE A CAR parked on the other side of a residential street, please don’t park directly across from it. That makes it hard for traffic.

IT IS ALMOST TIME to pay our property taxes. I wonder whether they ever found that money that was stolen out of that safe? When we pay our taxes, is it safe to pay with a check? What happens if our checks get stolen?



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 21:01

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