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SEVERAL CONCERNED residents have suggested diversity, performance and leadership training for Augusta Commission members. It won’t work. You cannot change a man’s character through those means.


A HUGE RANT to the overgrown bushes and low-hanging tree limbs on Wrightsboro Road opposite the Uptown VA from Freedom Way to Highland Avenue. We have blind veterans learning to get around walking up and down that road. Some of the stuff hanging over the sidewalk is such that one has to walk in traffic to get around it or face getting hit in the face and shoulders. Shame on the property owners and shame on the city for not fixing it.


RANTS TO ANYONE who thinks “Johnny Football” Manziel is, or ever was, Heisman material. He is a lunatic! He is like a 7-year-old playing with a bunch of older guys. His daddy should have spanked his rear end a few times instead of buying him a scholarship and eventually a Heisman trophy. Manziel is bad for college football.


TO THE PERSON who wrote about the freeloaders: Console yourself with the thought that the future for these freeloaders is a bleak one indeed, worse than any Third World scenario you might imagine. Fortunately, those of us who grew up in a generation where a work ethic was the standard and not the exception, where personal responsibility was a badge of honor and not a novelty, and where God held sway in our daily lives and was not an object of derision, will probably not be around to see the bitter, rancid fruits that these freeloaders will reap after their dismal sowing of constant discontent, whining and selfish demands of entitlement. The future is theirs and they are welcome to it.


AUGUSTA COMMISSION member Marion Williams said “When the money comes in, it goes in the same direction. Follow the money. It goes to one side of the city.” He is right. The city of Augusta is paying Hyde Park residents to move anywhere they choose. Also tenants of Cherry Tree Crossing can get free counseling and education services that will teach them how to move. Augusta has a $37.5 million project to redevelop Laney-Walker and Bethlehem. You are right, Marion, it all goes to the same side of the city.


A RANT TO drivers who switch lanes in intersections. That is not just illegal but also extremely dangerous.



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