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IF FAST-FOOD workers want to earn $15 an hour, they need to get back into school and earn a degree in something marketable. No one “deserves” $15 an hour just because they are working, and working at a fast-food restaurant was not meant to support a family.



SINCE ALL SIDES in the Syrian civil war are nuts, the only good solution comes from Sarah Palin, who said, “Let Allah sort it out.”


MIGHT I SUGGEST that the Columbia County News-Times change its name to the “Augusta Prep Gazette” since there is an overabundance of news/sports articles relating to this private school.


PLEASE STOP reporting vehicle crashes as “accidents.” The overwhelming majority are caused by negligence on the driver’s part, which is no “accident.”


THIS IS A BIG RANT to the man on the bicycle riding in heavy morning traffic down Belair Road between 8 and 8:30! Do you have any idea the danger you are putting not only yourself in but the many drivers that have to swerve into the other lane to avoid hitting you. Something needs to be done about this before someone gets seriously hurt.


TO THE FREE ranter: Free haircut, free school supplies, free BUSH phones-yes George started them, not Obama. Do you want to live in a Les Miserables society? STOP THE HATE!


OBAMA HAS NOW maneuvered the U.S. into a Syria situation where there is NO good action for the U.S. to take.


RANT FOR ALL RACE car drivers running up and down Fairbluff Road in Hephzibah. We have more and more families with young children and three of four school buses a day that come up this road. And you guys are still breaking the speed limit until eventually one of you is going to kill one of these kids. You need to slow down.


HAVE YOU HEARD country music today? Who can we charge with the murder of country music? Country ain’t country any more.


IF YOU MARRIED A person with one child and the other person had three children, would you blame the person with one child for only giving things to his own child and not his partner’s children? I think he should share with his stepchildren.


WE DID NOT GET OUR garbage picked up this week. You need to do a much better job than that. It is unsanitary.



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Rants and raves