Rants & Raves

RANT TO THE Richmond County Coliseum Authority and Global Spectrum. You still owe the RiverHawks for the games that were moved out of the JBA last season. Am I surprised? Sadly, no. It’s not a mystery why people are leaving the county and businesses are reluctant to come.



SO NOW WE have to attack another country to “avoid being mocked” and to prevent our president from looking bad. Too late! Obama should stay on the teleprompter when talking about foreign policy.


WHY, WHY, WHY do they bring in these “SuperSportscasters” like Brent Musberger to call football and baseball games? He has absolutely NO talent at all ... but he keeps showing up like a bad penny.


UGA ON FRONT page of sports after opening game. Georgia Tech on page seven after opening game. Georgia Southern on page 10 after opening game. Do you have to be so biased? There are many GT and GSU alumni in the CSRA who would like to see their teams get equal coverage. Why not rename this paper The Athens Herald?


IT’S ABSOLUTELY critical that we elect strong Democrats in November, who can stand up to obstructionist Republicans.


DEANS BRIDGE ROAD between Gate 5 and Wal-Mart looks awful! Never seen so much trash. The roads in Columbia County never look like that.


KEEP YOUR FEET off the furniture in the Oval Office please, Mr. President.


RANT ABOUT LETTERS to The Editor. Don’t you just love when a newspaper refuses to print your Letter to The Editor when there was no profanity in it? This after a very wordy editorial about freedom of speech in the newspaper. Go figure!



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

Rants and raves