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Engage. The one word most uttered from the captain of the Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation.


His singular command ordered the ship underway.

But another meaning of the word engage is to participate.

And I would like you to participate in an “editor’s survey” that I am taking.

Longtime subscribers who have an e-mail address associated with their account should have received an e-mail from me Friday.

If you haven’t opened it yet, please do. Take a few minutes, click the link and answer the eight questions.

I want to know what improvements we have made that you like.

I want to know what items we have changed that you miss.

If we don’t have your e-mail address, you can provide it to us by activating your all-access account or by calling customer service at (706) 722-5620.

You can also go to augustachronicle.com/survey and take it.

And for those of you without a computer, your letters and phone calls continue to be welcome as feedback to how we are doing.

We are on a course of improvements. A recent feature we added seems to have caught your attention.

And the city is improved and better off for your interest.

E-mails, calls and nominations continue to keep coming in to our Pardon Our Mess feature.

And your suggestions are making a difference in the community.

When alerted to the litter and overgrown bushes outside the former Augusta library on Greene Street, City Administrator Fred Russell vowed to take action to clean up the mess.

He said, “I will take a look at it and we will correct the problem. We should be maintaining it. The neighborhood needs to be maintained, and we haven’t done a very good job of that.”

About two weeks from the time Russell was alerted to the mess (about 10 days from the day it ran in The Augusta Chronicle), the bushes were trimmed and the litter collected.

An alleyway near the library, which was the focus of the picture that we used in the Pardon Our Mess feature, was also cleaned up.

Sometimes just bringing it to someone’s attention is enough.

There have been two instances in recent weeks when opportunities that readers alerted us to were cleaned up before we published anything about them.

And that is great service from the city and its workers.

The latest instance was a bus stop with downed tree limbs that Augusta Public Transit cleaned up almost immediately after we alerted them to it and before it appeared in the paper.

You continue to feed us at the rate of about three submissions a day. And this feature will run its course when there is nothing left to clean.

And don’t forget to do that survey. It is your chance to engage with our enterprise.



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