Rants & Raves

TO YOU THUGS standing on the street corner with your drugs and guns: You think you are big men. You sperm donors think you are great men for all the kids you have claimed by number, not by feeding them. Do you want to see a real man, his picture was in a recent Sunday paper, and his name is Eric Turner. That is a man.



I TOOK MY chemo on the fourth floor of University Hospital; the nurses who work on that floor take good care of people.


RAVES FOR MR. MICAH at the Regents Bank in Harlem – a very nice, polite young man. I hope his boss is proud of him. He serves the people with a smile.


THE TRAP IS SET. Will the president take the bait? Iran is just waiting for the U.S. military intervention to give them an excuse to roll their army into Syria.


WHEN IS The Augusta Chronicle going to look into the raises the GRU police just got? They’re being awful quiet about who got what.


WHAT HAPPENED to pride in your work? I go to a fast-food drive-through. Nobody’s happy to serve me or glad I came. Instead they are mad at the world because they don’t enjoy their work. I think the three or four people that are actually working should get more money because they are probably doing the work of a couple other deadbeats.


RANT FOR BUSINESSES in Augusta and surrounding areas. Don’t you realize how offensive it is for patrons to go into your places and have to watch idiots with their pants down showing their underwear, especially in restaurants? Follow Fort Gordon’s example and have a pants-up policy.


TYPE 2 DIABETES and obesity exploded when corn fructose replaced cane sugar in sodas and processed foods about 1985. This was prompted by outrageous tariffs and quotas on imported sugar, impoverishing the Caribbean and Central America, thus spurring illegal immigration. Ethanol ruins our engines. Fertilizer runoff creates a huge dead zone in the Gulf. And yet, we let these Iowa corn people choose our presidential candidates!


TO THE COMMENT concerning the number of Georgia tags in carpool lines at North Augusta schools: Consider that these are most likely kids with divorced parents where one parent lives in South Carolina. My grandchild is one of those children.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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