Rants & Raves

MILEY CYRUS WAS a disgrace at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her slutty and slightly pornographic performance was not what you would expect on television since a lot of younger viewers were watching. More appropriate at a second-rate strip joint.



SO, PEOPLE THINK they can strike to make fast-food places pay them even $15 an hour? Please, all you people dumb enough to think they are entitled to that level of pay, do strike. Then hopefully the smart folks who happen to be on unemployment will then have jobs to get to.


PLEASE STOP LEAVING kids alone for even a minute in a public place or street. This morning, I felt like I almost had a heart attack when a young child ran out onto the street as the mother just stood there on the sidewalk, busy with her phone. It was not until a driver had time to slow down and bear down on his horn that the mother then ran out onto the road to retrieve that little child.


DID YOU ALL SEE the crowds that showed up for the ASU A Day for GRU? No? There were none. What else can you expect when you have a minimum “donation” of $25 in order to get even a hamburger? I knew in the past they let any little donation just to get to say 100 percent giving from some departments. But how can you expect the little people who did not get raises for years and years and who got dumped with extra work to have the money to give so much?


THIS IS TO THE demon who shot that young man in Dogwood Terrace. You know who you are, and the people you hang with know what you did. I have lived here 11 years. We as black people ought to think more of ourselves than a bunch of thugs, pants down, with a bunch of baby mamas not taking responsibility for your children. We need to pray and get an education and things will change. Until then Richmond County will baby-sit you because I will call them if I see you selling drugs or even arguing. Come on, people, think more of yourselves. We can’t blame the white man. We did this all by ourselves.


THE RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education discriminates against white candidates for jobs. I’m a white man, and I’ve applied for more than 30 jobs with the board and haven’t gotten even one interview. I see why whites move out to Columbia County.


HOW DO YOU BECOME a single mother, and where is the father? They use that excuse a lot with no explanation.


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