Rants & Raves

TO NORTH AUGUSTA city officials concerning Project Jackson: If it is being paid for by city taxpayers’ money, why can’t the residents vote on this? It is another way Mayor Jones is getting his own way. If the GreenJackets are wanted so bad, why doesn’t Augusta keep them?



THE THREE THUGS IN Florida who beat the daylights out of a smaller kid on a bus and were filmed doing it were sentenced to probation. Is Judge Overstreet moonlighting down in Florida?


WHY ARE PEOPLE on Mims Road in Hephzibah sending tax dollars for trash pickup when we don’t get trash pickup?


SENIOR CITIZENS ON Medicare, beware. There is a Medicare card phone scam going on around the country. I received a call from a man with a heavy accent. He said they would be mailing a new Medicare card, but he needed to verify name, address and phone number which he quoted correctly. He then needed to know my bank and the number at the bottom of the check. That’s when I hung up.


TO THE PERSON who said about teaching your child not to run from the police. I am 43 years old, and I have never committed a crime and I am afraid of the police. It is obvious he has not had some of the issues some of us have had.


THIS IS A RANT to the news industry. The newspapers keep telling us the Fort Hood attack was a terrorist act on U.S. soil, but my president tells me it was workplace violence. I have to believe my president.


I AM TIRED OF picking up the newspaper every day and seeing another person getting killed in Augusta. You need another sheriff.


THERE NEEDS TO be a stop light at the corner of Wylds Road and Wrightsboro Road near Honey Baked Ham. It is almost impossible to get out of there in the mornings. There will be a bad wreck.


LIBERALS ARE dismissive, even contemptuous, of facts and figures when they do not support their deeply held, but otherwise unsupported, beliefs, yet whenever the matter of faith in something other than themselves comes up, liberals want rigorous scientific standard proof.


I FOUND A DOG that was loose from his owner; his collar saved him. I would like to send a rave for everyone who puts a collar, a locator chip, anything on his dog, because within 45 minutes he was home with his family because he had a brass tag on his collar.



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Winter wonderland comes to Augusta

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Rants and raves