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I HAD A TOTAL knee replacement. I want to thank Dr. Carter and his assistant Steve and my nurse at University Hospital, Catherine, registered nurse. She did several things for me, and I thanked her. She said, “I don’t mind it; I love my job.” How many people do you hear these days say, “I love my job”? Thanks, Catherine.

TO ALL YOU peace-loving folks sporting the bumper stickers with the word “coexist” in the cute little symbols: I’d love to see you express your worldly views while sitting next to the Fort Hood shooter, the 9/11 hijackers, the Boston Marathon bombers, etc. Their version of coexist is to end your existence.

I OBSERVED THE new trash company leaving trash on the side of the road. The mechanical arm lifted the garbage can, emptied trash into the truck, but trash fell out and no one got out to pick it up. They just drove off leaving the street littered. Wouldn’t I be fined for that?

PEOPLE GOING TO strike for higher wages at fast-food joints are cutting their own throats. As far as I’m concerned, fast food is already too high and will go higher. I can add a few dollars more and get a decent steak dinner, and that’s the reason I don’t eat fast food that often.

LEE HARVEY OSWALD was a loser who wanted fame. Several weeks earlier, he had shot at a retired Army general. Killing President Kennedy (and police Officer J.D. Tippit) got him his fame. He acted alone.

WHY DO WE HAVE Russian troops in this country training? We aren’t stupid. We know what the plan is.

PRESIDENT OBAMA spoke at the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech. He claimed to be so black. So many people voted for him just because he is black. He hasn’t appointed one black person on his Cabinet. What has he done for black people? That’s what I want to know, and I’m a black person.

IT IS TIME FOR Dr. Frank Roberson to leave the Richmond County Board of Education. He is in poor health, and I feel it is time to move on and get new leadership – a new vibrant young person with new ideas who can help test scores improve.

I JUST GOT A CALL from someone that I know is a scam. People who send money in hopes of getting more money or for something they didn’t buy, they should lose whatever they sent in. If you are not certain a bill is legit, then call and find out.



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