Rants & Raves

UP IN THE FROZEN Tundra, there is perma-frost where the ground never thaws. Down here we are quickly developing a perma-wet.



EDWARD PATRICK IS the new man to come to fix Paine College’s financial mess. He says he wants to “improve the school’s communication network…” Improving communications does not pay bills; it does not stop wasteful spending. It looks like Patrick will take charge and immediately change the subject.


THANKS TO FIRST Baptist Church of North Augusta for the wonderful concert with Sandi Patty, Laurnell Harris and Wayne Watson. Sandi sang some of the old songs we all love so much. Laurnell got carried away with his songs, especially “Amen.” Wayne sang a song that he wrote about “God healing our land,” This brought tears to many eyes. What a wonderful choir you have at First Baptist NA. Keep up the good work. Please bring more artists like this to our area.


RANT TO THE SPORTS Department. Sports are alive and kicking outside of the six teams you profile.


I SEE WHERE JESSIE Jackson Jr. got two and a half years and his wife got one year in jail for misuse of funds and the judge is going to let them serve their time separately so someone will be home with their kids. I can’t remember if a judge has ever done that for another couple.


THE FREE PHONES were given out when Bush was in office, and the government is not responsible.


PLEASE BRING BACK Eugene Robinson and Kathleen Parker, both excellent journalists. Your two Ann Coulter wannabes are just too hateful, mean spirited and non-Christian.