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ERIC TURNER IS truly a perfect role model. He is not a famous athlete or entertainer, but certainly one who deserves accolades for his work ethic and strength to “never give up.”



TO ALL THE PEOPLE complaining about the number of articles in The Augusta Chronicle about the University of Georgia: Get over it because when you think Georgia, you think about the Bulldogs.


THE IGNORANT person trying to blame Obamacare, like all other diehard Republicans, really needs to use facts instead of emotional lies. If you think it’s bad that you can’t get better health care, see the messages by others who had worse amounts to pay for insurance.


‘THE CHRONICLE’ editorial a few weeks ago was foolish to say that the GRU name must be changed. You can’t beat a dead horse any more; move on away from the name. How about an investigation into the facts of what is wrong, such as the financial aid pitiful situation for thousands of students?


ERIC TURNER IS A great example of how people need to make the efforts to work where they can and not just sit on the label of “handicap,” waiting for handouts. My daddy also taught me to work as hard as I can at as many jobs as I can and not to let anyone say I was too disabled to work. I had worked up to four jobs at a time when I could get the extra work just to save up for my future in case my feet got more twisted and too painful to work using them for walking. May we “Eric Turners” be able to find work to do.


SYLVIA COOPER, I am disappointed in your column where you pointed to black commissioners as needing to work on white items. Many items are both black and white that are worked on. You need to name specific “white items” that you feel are not being worked on, to be more fair. You usually are.


I WOULD LIKE to thank the young men who helped me when my car broke down in front of McDonald’s on Washington Road. It was so kind to help me push my car to safety. God bless you.


I’M CURIOUS AS to why is it when something happens in west Augusta it is not labeled west Augusta, but when something happens in south Augusta you are quick to point that out. I believe each section should be treated equally.


THE ONLY THING that Obama is doing right is keeping us out of a needless war. Let’s keep it that way. Syria is none of our business.



Fri, 11/24/2017 - 14:24

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